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Social Media for Seniors

By October 15, 2009September 1st, 2021No Comments

My father and I have been having an ongoing conversation about the Twitter and how it can be used to promote a blog. The conversation ratcheted up this past weekend when I spent some time demonstrating TweetDeck to him and how I use Twitter as a component of my overall communication strategy. I showed him how I’ve been using Twitter to build both a following of people interested in the same subject (philanthropy, social innovation, national service, etc.) and how I’ve used it to highlight my blog, which just launched a few weeks ago. At some point, I suspect we’ll compare notes about growth in views and comments in our respective blogs. For now, I’ll argue that my use of Twitter generates more traffic to my blog since it populates the public feed in Twitter and posts can be easily found using search terms on the subjects I write.

During our conversation this past weekend, I mentioned that I was looking for examples of effective social media strategies that engage senior citizens in political action. My father noted that his most popular blog post is on Facebook for Seniors. He named his last post Social Media for Seniors as a way to measure how many hits he might get on the subject. Meanwhile, I’m still in search of good examples: perhaps our dual efforts on the subject will generate a list of good examples while also building our audiences

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