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The Social Innovation Fund

Summary of this weekend’s Social Innovation Fund posts

By August 23, 2010September 2nd, 2021No Comments

Apparently, the Social Innovation Fund writing community does not rest on weekends. Nor do the folks at the Corporation for National and Community Service. As I was writing this post, the Corporation released most of the proposal narratives, application materials and review comments; this tremendous level of information is available here.  I also have to acknowledge the Corporation’s willingness to post the information.

Below are links to this weekend’s posts and articles, most of which came out on Sunday:

  • Stephanie Strom writes in the New York Times of the potential conflicts of interest and questions on the SIF selection process.
  • New Profit posts its SIF application online and provides a short response.
  • Sean Stannard-Stockton posts on New Profit’s application release and
  • Geri Stengell, a SIF reviewer, posts her comments on the transparency issues.
  • Ruth McCambridge, Editor In Chief at The Nonprofit Quarterly, posts a web article commending the Corporation for agreeing to release the SIF reviewer ratings.
  • post on the question of what should the Social Innovation Fund do next.
  • Steve Goldberg, also a SIF reviewer, provides a response to Stephanie Strom’s New York Times article.
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s editor Stacy Palmer posts a summary of the SIF issues and asks applicants to share their proposals online.

All in all, some 7,500 words were penned on the subject this weekend.

As before, I’ve updated the SIF Anthology here.

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